Are you planning to get married?


…but before deciding where, come and visit the Bagnolo Castle:you could fall in love with the place, the nature, the stunning view, the charm of the ancient walls, the welcome and our proposals to create an extraordinary reception and ceremony, which you and your guests will remember forever!

Find out how much the Marriage costs
at the Bagnolo Castle.

Surrounded by woods and vineyards and by ancient stone defensive walls, placed on top of a hill in the middle of an agricultural-forest property, the castle-fort of the counts Malingri di Bagnolo built around the 10th century is an intact example of medieval military architecture. The view around extends 360 degrees over the mountains of the Po valley and over the Po valley.

For 700 years it has belonged to the same family that preserved and restored it. The castle is a private historic home – not open to the public. The environment is rude but extremely suggestive and offers many original spaces for the various moments of a reception: aperitif, lunch, dinner, after dinner, dance, music and more … for each of these moments you can choose the right place always different … inside in the halls with large fireplaces, the frescoed ceilings or from the ancient wooden beams, outside in bright and flowery spaces immersed in an intact nature, protected by the stones of the walls and towers.

Find out how much the Marriage costs
at the Bagnolo Castle.

From 2016 CIVIL WEDDING in Castello by agreement with the Municipality of Bagnolo Piemonte

Fortified courtyard under the two towers (toilets in a watch tower)
Barn with table space on 2 levels
Ancient wood-burning oven perfect for making bread, pizzas, focaccias or desserts.
Garden of the walls, on the fortified embankment, with a view.
Porch on the garden that can accommodate buffets and music.
For receptions and refreshments, capacity 250/300 people
Toilet in the sentinel tower

Ground floor

Sala dello Stemma and Sala Ex Scuderie (seats 76).
Kitchen set up for catering.
2 toilets and dressing room with hanging overcoats.

First floor

3 rooms and 2 rooms in the towers (seating 110).

Top floor

3 halls and terrace on the east tower.
Lunches and dinners – up to 160 people seated
Buffet parties – up to 300 people
Furniture – round tables (3 sizes) and rectangular, chairs.
Torch and candle lighting – Outdoor night lighting.
Custom Menus Castle.
Malingri Castle wine (personalized bottles).
Private chapel.
Parking area.
Preventive assistance (for services not available at home, such as tension structures, music, flowers, special furnishings, etc.) (No commission for supplies, clean customer prices)

NOTE: The castle hosts only one ceremony at a time and is entirely available to guests for the duration of the festival, in the days leading up to the preparations, in the following days for collection.

A kind assistance to the spouses for the various choices and needs is offered with professionalism and care by the staff and the owners of the castle.


The Ceremony: with experience and imagination it is possible to realize even at moderate costs original installations for the civil or religious ceremony, both outside and inside.
We have many ideas to please those who want an unforgettable party against the intense background of the fortress, the walls and the majestic greenery of the trees, in the style that best suits the spouses for example:

RECEPTION in style …

MEDIOEVAL: furniture and dishes, oil torch menu, candles, flags.
COUNTRY: fried and grilled, sangria and beer, country music, paper productions.
ARISTOCRATIC: servants and silver candlesticks.
FUN: young and casual set-up.

Find out how much the Marriage costs
at the Bagnolo Castle.

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