Is from the family name Malingri di Bagnolo, Castello di Bagnolo owners since more than seven centuries. Produced from a unique vine tree, named Dolcetto, famous in the Langhe region. Ruby red color, scent of red berries and dried flowers. High tannin level, comes from typical characteristics of the soil and absolute traditional cultivating rules. The Malingro is perfect to drink with meat and local cheeses.


The name comes from old traditional wood containers used in the harvest to bring the grapes home to vinery. Assembly of Merlot and Shiraz aged in third generation oak barrels. Ruby red color with purple reflection, soft and balanced spicy flavor does not cover the natural fruit and flowers perfume. Cellar and vineyards are under and around the Palazzo, the noble Malingri family residence.


SET means, from the local dialect, number 7: as seven are the old and rare vines of the special Castello Malingri territory. The seventy years old vineyard lays in a lovely, sunny position at around 400 meters altitude. Color red to purple,  berries scented, SET 7 is an “easy wine”, strong enough but  happily light to drink.


The abovetheground  cellar, called with its antique name Tinaggio is the “wine room”, the household departement for care and service of wine. It is a small laboratory, equipped with modern conditioned steel wine-tanks, and all what needed to work wine from fermentation, decanting and storage to maturation. When the different wines are ready, they will bottled or put into third generation oak barrels and taken to the antique cellar. The semi-underground cellar about fifty meters long  underneath the main Palazzo building. The naturally conditioned climate in the cellar provides constant temperature, humidity, darkness. Properly stored, wines maintain and improve quality in aroma, flavor and complexity until maturation. The size of the vats and barrels still preserved and the amplitude of the winery tells how much was important in the past the wine production in the economy of the Bagnolo’s Manor. Betwin the different antique barrels there is one especially built for wine transport in to the capital of the ancient Savoy Kingdom.


The sunny slopes, around 500 mt. above see level, with fresh air influence of the Alps produce some excellent red wines, strong expression of territory and centuries of history. The vine cultivation is rooted in the since the courts period, when the the feudal castle of Bagnolo had a central role in trade between the Duchy of Savoy, the French Kingdom, the nearby courts and kingdoms. Today the vineyard conducted with the technical support of the oenologist Gianfranco Cordero and cared for with skill and love in every season of the year, produces wines of tradition, full of originality and temperament.